Friday, 17 November 2017

Glitter on red

Hello dear friends,

I have a card today which I made for a fellow officer's wife's birthday. He told me it was her first birthday after marriage. I had to make the card look like it's an occasion for celebration.. of love and birthday. Why not the most auspicious colour for Indians.. colour of wedding and celebrations - red?

So, I did something which a Punjabi-still- choora- wearing new-bride might like.  For all my International friends, Punjabi is a community of India where, when girls get married they wear special bangles called choora, which they can wear upto a year and it symbolises a new bride. Let me show you a Punjabi bride or may be my own picture :)

Do you see the bangles.. wrist full of them? These are worn after marriage.. till few months.


I think this design would look great on a lehenga (a skirt). Too CAS for Indian Standards though :D

I hope the recipient likes it.. And you like it too :)

Linking my card for the

All that glitters here is Gold!..Yes!

Celebrating Love and a Birthday 

                    Glittery Gold embossing, on a                    coloured card stock

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Thankyou - PCM Challenge

Hello dear friends,

I am sure many of you have come across Paru's Card Making Challenge. If you haven't yet then please join in every month for this fabulous card challenge hosted by a fellow Indian Paru Mahtani. Being a part of the Design Team at Rainbow Craftykari, I was thrilled to know that the team of Rainbow Craftykari has been invited to provide inspiration for this Month's challenge.

"Thank you" is the theme and I take this opportunity to Thank each one of you who has taken out their prestigious time to see my post. Am honoured and Thankful to you, from the bottom of my heart.

I planned to do something I started this journey of card making with - Quilling. I had also won the May challenge of Paru's Card Making Challenges for a quilled card, hence I chose to quill something.

Quilling takes quite some time and now that I don't have much spare time I resort to stamping, for quick results. I combined some stamping for this card (where the leaves are) but it  was more for a different look.

I did two similar cards with same front panel, hope you like them. Please let me know which one did you like more.

Hope you like them!

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Inspired by the trend of bold die cut sentiments.

Bokeh Love

Hello everyone,

I have been super busy with studies and exams.. actually they are still on.. but it's Saturday I have the whole day tomorrow to study.. I had been itching to make a card and I just went on Instagram to see which challenges are up and Yayy .. so many inspirations and I knew what I could do!

So I blended three different colours and then die cut small hearts on an acetate to make a stencil and with a white pigment ink made these small hearts with varying pressure and depth! Oh my my.. I am in love with Bokeh now! I hope it looks bokeh to you too. Now, without further ado, let me post it and link in for the challenges and sit back to study (Financial Management and Accounting Management on Monday.. I will die 😵 )

Hope you like it!

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Chirpy birdies

Hello dear crafters,
I am up on Rainbow Craftykari blog today with an inspiration post.

My Friendly Birds card is a tiny scene from the birdie neighbourhood.. hop on to the Rainbow Craftykari blog to see how I made it! Its super easy peasy :)

Looking at the trend of using die cuts for building a scene, I planned this card. I recently bought a die cutting machine because I thought I was missing out on this beautiful trend in the community. I made a story too around it.. about how a husband waits when two ladies meet at the fence to do some gossip! 😄




Hope you like my first-all-die-cut card!

Shake the Cake

Namaste friends,

This is the other card I made for Rainbow Craftykari. Its a shaker card and super easy too! This was the first time I made a shaker card. And Oh no.. I cant part away from this...and the sequins.

Hope you liked it and would hop on to the Rainbow Craftykari blog
and also participate in the ongoing challenge.

Happy Crafting


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Sunday, 5 November 2017

Purple flowers - CIC 430

Hello dear friends,

I love the colour combination we have on the Cupcake Inspirations this week. If you love purple family, you must join us this week. Mari ko creations is our kind sponsor this week and I have used their Flower digi for this card.

           Submitting it for the following Challenges

         Inspirational - The trend in card making of using big floral images on a subtle background                            and that little hint of Gold!

                Addicted to stamps-challenge-266

                    Word art wednesday 306-307

Monday, 23 October 2017

Diwali Quilling

Hello dear crafters,

I hope you had lovely Diwali celebrations. What a moment of pride we had when we didn't hear any crackers in our society, a moment of joy today and for our future. We must leave our earth for our kids at least liveable and breathable, just as our parents gave it to us. To carry on the cheer and celebrations for the festive season of Diwali, I made a 3-D Quilled Ganesh Fridge Magnet and a Quilled Lotus Tea light holder, the detailed tutorials are on Rainbow Craftykari Blog.

3-D Quilled Gansh Fridge Magnet

Quilled Lotus Tealight/diya holder

I wasn't successful in taking the lovely shadows it made, when I lit the tea light. But, I hope you will pay a visit to the Rainbow craftykari blog and would attempt something similar. Don't forget to join us in our monthly challenge, hardly any days left!

Sending you - 'Craft till you drop' wishes.


Submitting my Quilled Ganesh and tea light holder for

Indian quilling challenge 41

Sunday, 22 October 2017

BOO - CIC #428

Good morning,

It's Sunday and we have a new theme up at the Cupcake Inspiration Challenges, for you.

I used the Kitty Bee Digi, Funny bats and added a crooked moon and fence to the Ardyth inspired background!

Some gloss here and there to finish the cute scary card!

Hope you'll join us with your renditions at Cupcake inspiration Challenge 428

Thankyou for visiting :)

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Saturday, 21 October 2017

Painted Flowers - Hello Beautiful

Hello there,

A very good morning to you!

We just had our one of the most loved festivals "Diwali". If you haven't heard about it much let me know.. I would love to show you through pictures, how we celebrate. I also have the longest break from studies (four days) and no tests approaching, so I plan to craft till I drop (although am already ill with cold and cough, but crafting is meditating too)!

I made a card few days back, here, for First Birthday of  The Flower Challenge but I wanted to use my favorite and also my prized possession as they were the first stamps I won (at AAA Card challenges), the Altenew Painted flowers. I had to take them out and give them some love!

Hope you like it :) 
(If I were to win something in the flower challenge, I would love to have The Ton stamps.. greed 😛)

                           Joining in with this card at

                              The Flower Challenge


Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Penguin wishes

Hello there,

Thankyou for visiting my blog. Me and my son are away from home and it's my husband's birthday today. So, we did some card making for him.

Our son is 2 and half years old and learning to colour. He wouldn't sit still for a picture.. so I just took pics of his card and the scribble which says, "Happy Birthday Papa, I love you".

I had Winnie and Walter penguin stamp (that I bought at Sindhu's destash) and I hadn't used it yet. So I hand drew a little penguin, masked it and stamped the Penguin. A little bow for my penguin son and a scarf for me! We are in North of India and it's getting a little chilly. My husband is in Western India, it's always pleasant there. So this would be an apt design, I thought!

                          Hope you like our cards.

 The theme at AAA Cards is Inspired by a film and  Happy Feet is the inspiration for this card.

A one layer card for 

Glitter on red

Hello dear friends, I have a card today which I made for a fellow officer's wife's birthday. He told me it was her first birthday...